King of trucks is the world's major cross-border machinery trading platform,

specialized in providing high quality products procurement transaction services where through us,

the customer will get assured of cost-effective trucks and machinery procurement services,

we have a professional inspection team, many truck brands and machinery inventory.

 We maintain a high degree of credit, reputation and professional vehicle testing process to

ensure satisfactory service to our customers。

We are a company that is based in North of China. 

With the current difficulties that foreign buyers do encounter in getting efficient heavy equipment meant be it for construction, Agriculture or other big Projects, we realized that it’s not only a problem getting the right equipment they need. And even when they do, majority such buyers if not 90% will end up not being satisfied.

ManagementOur main objective is to make sure we provide the best for our customers while meeting up with moderate prices and high product quality. By so doing, we have segment out company into teams from the sales manager right up to the specialist that are in charger of inspecting our products at every stage to ensure that it meets our customer standards.

We strive to be the best in all we offer and in every stage. With your trust, co-operation and understanding, we hope to build a strong business connection with a win-win environment that will help both our present and prospective customers grow in all levels of engagement.

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